The objective of RÉPENER, a project co-funded by the Spanish National R&D Plan 2010-2013, has been to design and implement a prototype of an information system which facilitates access to energy information using semantic web technologies. SEíS –Semantic Energy Information System- provides qualified information to different agents to enable them to improve the decision-making process in their respective realms –from design to construction and refurbishment– as well as the methodologies to analyze it.

In SEíS, users with different profiles can retrieve and upload data in interaction with the system and they can invoke services operating with that data. This represents the first step in the creation of a more comprehensive energy system with additional data and services.

Design Team

Project of a new building

Project of building retrofit

Feasibility study

Energy certification


Facilities Manager


Building operation



Building Owner

Building retrofit

Building mantainance



Energy Consultant

Energy and comfort modelling

Energy and comfort monitoring


There are four types of energy information services which have been implemented in SEíS: to provide examples of energy efficient buildings, to facilitate performance benchmarks, to identify energy efficient design patterns, and to upload building simulations. Each service is customized to the needs of four user profiles: design team, facility manager, building owner and energy consultant.

Please see the PREVIEW to have an overview of the functionalities of the prototype.

The SEíS energy information system can be enhanced with new data sources. If you are a public administration, an architectural or engineering firm, an energy consultant or an energy service company (ESCO) you could provide data about energy certificates, building descriptions, energy simulation outcomes or energy monitoring which will be incorporated to the system.

The data available through the system can be used by energy consultants, public administrations, energy certification companies, and construction companies to develop services to enhance their business opportunities.

If you are interested to provide data to the system or to develop and market its services, please contact